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Introducing one place for all of your Stuff

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Stuff happens

Organize your life using Plans and Deadlines, so you always differentiate the priority for today versus what's up ahead.

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Plans are assigned to tasks that you want to complete on a certain day. For example, "Take out the trash" on Thursday.


Deadlines are given to tasks that absolutely must be completed by a certain date. For example, "Email finished dissertation" on May 31.


Someday collects tasks that you know you want to do eventually, but don't necessarily have a plan for yet.


Dependencies can also be used to determine the order in which tasks must be completed (more on this below!)


Beat the fluff with Stuff

With tags, folded headings, filters, grouping settings, and more, Stuff lets you focus on what's most important at the very top of your lists and spaces.


Spaces are a collection of tasks and lists that all fit into a single area of life. E.g. Work, Personal, or Family.


Lists collect tasks, and can be given a plan, deadline, tag... treated just like a project. You can also divide up your lists into Headings if you need one more level of organization.


Tags let you collect items regardless of their enclosure (like a list or space). Anything can get a tag, including a task, a list, a heading, or a space.

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Share the good Stuff

Don't keep it all for yourself. Shared Lists make it easy to share tasks and lists with teammates, classmates, family members, or anyone.

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Shared Grocery Lists

Milk, butter, cheese - and all the stuff in between.

Grocery lists can be shared with as many teammates as you want*, and everyone can instantly see what's added and mark things off as they're purchased.

Items can also be organized into Headings to split-up which store or section they need to be purchased from.


First this stuff, then that stuff

Stuff introduces Dependencies on tasks, enabling you to write down everything on your mind without cluttering your to-do list.


Setting a dependency makes the item unavailable until it's relevant.


In a house renovation, where you can't "Paint the cabinets" until you "Pick out a paint color", Stuff lets you define that dependency accordingly.


Then, once you've completed picking a paint color, your task to paint the cabinets will jump to the top, signifying that as a next step.


When a task has a dependency, it smartly hides itself away, waiting to become available when it's relevant.

This means that you only see the stuff that's immediately available to check off your list, but you also have the freedom of brain-dumping into your list without worrying about clutter.

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Stuff went down

Stuff automatically keeps track of everything you do in a day and marks it in your own personal Adventure Log.


Stuff knows that the things you work on have value long beyond the day you finished them. Utilize the Adventure Log to go back in time and see a record of any given day of your productivity.


The Adventure Log also curates your Stats and Trends, so you can see opportunities for improvement as well as know where you're doing great.


Filters on the Adventure Log let you see only the items completed with a certain tag or in a specific space, or even hide all the tasks and show only completed lists.

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