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Set Goals that you want to accomplish and start working towards seeing them realized through Daily, Weekly, or Monthly Habits.

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Easily create different kinds of notes, including blurbs, docs, or image sets, in order to best capture what you're thinking. Finally, all of your ideas, all in one app.

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A beautiful new take on completing tasks and getting things done. To-do lists for the pros.

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Sophia | Mitynote

“At this point, I have completely ditched all of my other note taking applications because they do not match up to Mitynote

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the "what"

mity builds apps that help you achieve your life visions. We're building several apps, each customized to a different utility (note taking, to-do lists, etc). All of our apps exist in an ecosystem that lets them communicate and sync with each other, so that you can have all of your productive lifestyle in a single place.

the "where"

Where are we going? We're currently working on tightening the relationship between each of our apps, so that they talk to and coordinate with each other. This will allow your to-do list to remind you of your habits you wanted to keep up this week, and more.

We're also working hard on providing a cohesive gamification aspect to our apps that allows you to be rewarded for your productivity.

the "why"

We believe that the world is full of good people who want to do something great with their life. We want to provide tools for these kinds of people to operate with, so that the icons of the future can have the power to inspire others and put forth good.

about mity


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